Green Solutions

Today’s emphasis on “Green Solutions” demands that contractors have the abilities to implement a job and to understand the project, yet also have the flexibility and skills to employ new techniques and technologies. Our company is committed to understanding how to complete a project with sensitivity to the environment.

Design consideration is a must. We have extensive experience in bio-engineered channel improvements. The use of native grasses in storm run-off areas, like rain gardens, is developing into a viable way to control run-off without the use of hardscaped materials like concrete and brick.

Low impact methods such as pipe bursting, a trenchless technology, allows a minimum of disruption to communities at competitive costs and with exceptional performance. With over 100,000 feet of pipe bursting experience, Wiedenmann Inc will bring experience and expertise to work for you.

Here are a few of our green solution projects:

We can build green — let us help you on your next project.